Rayeman.me is a product of Kieskompas BV. Its products are transparent in their method and use of data. Kieskompas takes good care of the guaranteed privacy of its users. Data is entirely anonimised.

Potential aggregated publications of the data gathered through this product will also be entirely anonimised. Individual data will not be shared with commercial third parties.

In order to register your visit to the product, we make use of cookies. These are also used to save your position and the answers on the social media share buttons, as well as for analytical purposes. We do not collect personal data with this, nor do we save your IP address on our servers. Only our technical partner, Luminum Solutions BV, who has signed a non-disclosure agreement, has access to this data aside from Kieskompas BV.

All fields in the rayeman.me product are optional. If you choose to share your email address with us, this will exclusively be used for scientific and academic purposes.